Many people don’t realize that besides being iconic luxury items, the best Chanel bags are actually an excellent investment. In fact, some vintage Chanel bags can sell for three or four times what they retailed for. Let’s take a look at the 7 best Chanel bags to invest in right now and 2 types to consider.

7 Absolute Best Chanel Bags To Invest In 

The fashion house of Chanel just keeps turning out hits when it comes to luxury bags. Their designer bags have gone up in value like crazy. And in recent years with secondary reseller sites becoming more common, it’s not very hard to find a buyer for your bag on the resale market. Let’s see which one of these luxury handbags you should invest in.

Want to know which Chanel Bags to NOT invest in? Check them out here. 

1. Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag has seen the biggest price increase over the last few years. In fact if you had bought several classic Chanel Flap Bags in 2012, in a decade you would have made significantly more money than the average person trading on the stock market. 

The secondary market has become so hot for this classic Chanel bag. Post covid, its hard to even get an appointment in store to buy a classic. These rectangular shape bags come in various sizes and have the classic CC logo. It can be a shoulder bag at two different lengths, and some people also choose to use it as a crossbody bag. This is less common because it does fall a little short for a crossbody, but for some petite frames it does work.

In the US market, the small classic flap bag saw a price increase of 60% and the Chanel Classic Medium Flap bag has been up 16%.

Which Chanel Classic Flap Bag Should You Buy?

The most versatile is the small size, hence the price jump of 60%. It can be an everyday bag but can also double as an evening bag. The caviar calf skin leather is more robust than the lambskin so this will likely be the best option in terms of wear and tear. The medium classic flap size is also a good option, but steer clear of the maxi sizes if you want to be sure you will be able to resell it for more than the original retail price

If you are not ready for the whopping price tag of the medium or small Chanel Classic Flap, then opt for the Chanel Mini Flap. It’s several thousand dollars less, will still retain its value, and also is considered to be a classic Chanel Flap Bag. The mini will only have a single flap rather than the double flap that you find in the small, medium and larger sizes. 

What Color?

The colors with the highest resale values are the neutrals. Black and beige with gold hardware will be the easiest to resell. Deep reds and maroons also do well on the resale market since they are harder to find and red handbags are still considered very versatile. However, for some people who are looking for a specific color that is limited edition, you may get lucky. But, when talking about the best Chanel bags to invest in, a black or beige color with gold hardware and ideally caviar leather will be your best bet. 

Classic Chanel Size Small In Lambskin Leather

2. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

Another iconic bag from the house of Chanel is the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. When Coco Chanel designed this in 1955 she probably didn’t know that her bags would be investment pieces in addition to iconic fashion statements. Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced this bag during his time at Chanel.

Instead of the class CC closure featured on the Classic Chanel Flap Bag, the 2.55 (also called the Reissue) has a turnlock closure. The strap on the 2.55 reissue is all chain rather than a braided chain like the Classic Chanel. 

These also skyrocketed in price and they are hot bags on the resale market. Because this is one of the most popular Chanel bags, getting a 2.55 is not easy especially in the classic colors. 

What makes the 2.55 unique and different from the Classic Chanel is that it can actually crossbody. This does mean that the long shoulder carry style will be a little too long for some people. If you are buying as an investment and don’t plan to actually wear the bag, then it does not matter. But, if you’re buying to wear and then sell later, you should take this into consideration.

Which 2.55 Chanel Size Should You Buy?

Similar to the Classic Chanel Flap Bag, the small size is the most popular. The large and maxi sizes are not versatile enough to invest in, but they are lovely bags. If you can’t afford the small size, there is a 2.55 mini flap bag that is significantly less and also still a good investment. The minis have a single flap, where as the small size and above have the double flap. 

What Color And Hardware?

Stick with nuetrals, like black and beige. You can buy white as well, but again this is much harder to resell. In terms of hardware, you will want to opt for the gold hardware, over silver. There is one version of this bag that is black leather on a black chain that is absolutely gorgeous and a great investment – if you can find it. 

3. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote / Chanel Shopping Bag / Chanel Deauville Tote

This iconic bag by Chanel has changed names a few times. Some may know it as the Chanel Deauville Tote but now on their website it is called the shopping bag. Regardless of the name change, this is a timeless piece with high resale value.

The price tag on the Chanel Shopping Bag is between 3500 to 8 thousand dollars depending on the fabric, the embroidery and the different sizes. The timeless design features short handles for hand carry and also a braided shoulder strap. 

Chanel Shopping Tote Deauville Tote

Which Size Chanel Shopping Bag Should You Buy?

Any size in these bags is a good buy. They are intended to be totes so the larger sizes do well in retaining their original value. 

What Color, Material And Hardware?

The fabric Chanel Grade Shopping Totes are more affordable than the leather ones. These are easier to resell because the price point for making money on resale will be something that more people can afford. The leather bags are beautiful but they just may not be the best investment when compared to the fabric totes.

For hardware, silver or gold could work depending on the color of the bag. Gold is likely more popular so if you have to choose, gold may be the way to go. 

In terms of color, neutrals are of course the best investment, but there is more flexibility here. People are more willing to branch out in the color of their tote bags since they are more for everyday use rather than special occasions. The shades of blue in these totes do really well on the resale market. 

4. Chanel Wallet On Chain

The Chanel Wallet On Chain is loved by fashion enthusiasts. Its easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. It comes in multiple different styles and is intantly recognizable. 

This is 4th on our list because while the price of the Chanel WOC has gone up in price over the years, the percentage of price increase is not quite as high as the Chanel bags listed above. That being said, the barrier to entry here is lower since the Chanel wallet on chain is several thousand dollars less than the Chanel Classic Bag. 

Which Size?

The wallet on chain only comes in one size, but it does come in multiple styles. The Wallet On Chain usually has a long strap. If you are very petite, it may be too long for you. You can wear it over your shoulder as a long shoulder bag or you can crossbody it. It’s great for travel since it’s so compact.

Which Color And Style?

For resale, nuetral colors or a bag in the red color family will resale well. You should opt for gold hardware here on most of the styles.

The WOC styles are basically very mini versions of the other Chanel Bags. So there is WOC that has a style similar to the Classic Chanel Bag. There is also a Boy style Wallet On Chain, as well as Chanel 19 style Wallet On Chain. 

5. Chanel Pouch

The Chanel Pouch is also a good investment because it has gone up in price over the years. These typically retail below 2 thousand dollars so they are more affordable than the other designer handbags from this brand.

This is number 5 on our list because the rate of price increase is not quite as dramatic as the first two on our list. But, it has gone up over the years. You will have to hold onto the pouch and keep it in good condition for several years in order to make this a worthwhile investment. 

Which Size?

The larger sizes in the pouch are more functional as they can be multipurpose. The small pouches have lower average retention value because they really can not be used on their own. Most people will use the smaller pouches to hold smaller items and place the small Chanel poucb inside other bags. 

What Color And Hardware?

Neutral colors win here as well but there are some limited edition pouches that have done really well on the resale market. You will need a good fashion sense to identify which of these is going to become popular. It is also very helpful to have a contact at Chanel boutique that can help you get access to the most beautiful bags early. 

6. Chanel Boy Bag

This is a polarizing bag. People either love it or won’t go near it. The chunky chain strap on the Boy Bag gives it a more casual feel. This could make it less versalite in terms of which occasion you can reliably use it on. 

Similar to the other classic Chanel Bags, it is possible to wear the Boy Bag in multiple ways.The Chanel Boy Bag can be worn crossbody or you can wear long as a shoulder bag. You can also double the strap and wear it as a shoulder bag.

The Chanel Boy Bag has also gone up in price and it has done so more than the Chanel Pouch or the Wallet on Chain. It is number 6 on this list behind those items because, the design is just not as timeless as the first few bags mentioned.

Which Size Of The Chanel Boy Bag Is The Best Investment?

The small and medium boy bags are the most popular to buy. 

What Color And Hardware In The Chanel Boy Bag Should You Buy?

Again, stick to neutrals here for color. For hardware, both silver and gold are almost equally popular with gold being slightly more popular.

7. Chanel 19

Another polarizing bag comes in at number 7 here. The Chanel 19 is a beautifully crafted handbag that came on the scene in 2019, hence the name. 

It is polarizing because it has a more edgy look than the classic Chanel Bags. Some people absolutely love it and some find it a little “too young” in terms of style. 

There are multiple ways to wear this. There is a top handle you can carry it by, you can crossbody this bag and also you can wear it as long shoulder bag (least common way to wear it). 

It’s on this list because the Chanel 19 has had a significant price increase since it debuted in the fashion world. Although its only been around for a handful of years the price keeps going up. Even the wallet on chain version of the Chanel 19 has gone up in price significantly.

2 Chanel Handbag Types To Consider Investing In

The below two types of Chanels may be good investments, but you will really need to have a good eye when purchasing them. Buyers will also likely need to hold on to these bags longer in order to resell them for a profit. 

8. Limited Editions Of Chanel Handbags

Limited-edition Chanel bags are tricky when it comes to purchasing for investment purposes. Some are so popular that if you manage to get your hands on one, it could be a great investment. However, you should be careful, if you are only buying a limited edition as an investment.

If you are buying one because if fits your personal style, and you plan to use it before you sell it, then it could be worth it. Some limited editions, especially those with odd shapes like hearts, do not make good investments. You will be lucky if you get what you originally paid. You must also remember that these items are heavily taxed, so you really need the bag to go up in value significantly in order to make money.

9. Chanel With Exotic Skins

Chanel no longer makes handbags with exotic skin. So, the only way to buy one now is through the resale market. These bags may be a good investment due to limited supply, but in general you will need to look hard to find a buyer. The upfront cost of these are so high (usually well over 10 thousand dollars) that making money on a resale is tough.

So why is it #9 on the list? The reason is that because the fashion house no longer produces them, there is very limited supply. Anyone who is specifically searching for this type of bag will have to go to the secondary market. 

In order to make this a good investment, you need to get it at a good price. You may be able to negotiate a good price on the secondary market. Then you need to wait. If you wait long enough, you will likely find a buyer for your exotic. But, it will not be as easy as reselling Chanel’s classic styles in leather. 

Best Chanel Bags To Invest In: Summary

The best Chanel handbags to invest in are the Classic Chanel Flap Bag which has a double flap and the 2.55 bag which is also known as the reissue bag. The Classic Double Flap Chanel has a CC closure and the 2.55 has a Mademoiselle turnlock. These two bag categories have had the most dramatic price rise in the last decade. Beyond being a status symbol, they are actually great investments – if you are willing to part ways and actually resell these luxury goods. Behind these two types of bags are the Chanel Shopping Totes (previously known as the Deauville Tote), the Chanel Pouch, the Chanel Boy Bag and the Chanel 19. If you have no personal preference and are purchasing solely as an investment then the classics Chanel bags mentioned above in neutral colors and smaller sizes are the way to go. Some limited editions may go up in value but you really need to have an understanding of the fashion industry trends to pick the right one. A better investment would be a classic bag.

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